Unica Base Anallergica Jamplab 500 ML
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Unica Base Anallergica Jamplab 500 ML

Unica Base Neutra is a Hypoallergenic Base, an innovative product, patented by the Jamplab company and is a 500 ml Decomposed Base, without any presence of PG Propylene Glycol for best vaping

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Keep out of reach of children.
Do not disperse in the environment.
In case of contact with eyes and skin, wash with plenty of water and soap.
If you feel unwell, contact a doctor.
Keep locked up.


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Elimination of Propylene Glycol:
PG is currently an ingredient used in all vaping products, but it is a chemical derivative from the transformation of petroleum. In fact, unfortunately it can cause various unpleasant effects. PG is highly hygroscopic, causes dry mouth, is sometimes excessively annoying in the throat or causes gastrointestinal discomfort, may be poorly tolerated by some subjects.
In some cases it can cause real allergies. Through various studies it has been hypothesized that one third of users are intolerant to it in various forms. Unfortunately, more and more frequently, there are people who just can't vape consistently due to annoying effects mostly related to propylene glycol and are forced to abandon the electronic cigarette.

UNICA is an innovative, PATENTED product.
We have been working for years in close contact with vapers through direct stores, we know the recurring problems of those who vape every day and those who approach this beautiful world for the first time. For this reason we have studied and created this base both for them, the beginners, and for those who are an established vaper. We therefore concentrated on improving the vaping experience by first trying to eliminate some "side effects" that some customers complained about and then making the daily use of liquids with or without nicotine more pleasant.

Why choose UNICA:
- it has a density equal to that of the traditional 50/50 liquid, guaranteeing a smokiness that is very similar, if not higher, to 70/30 blends with a higher presence of VG.
- Product composed 100% of ingredients totally of vegetable origin.
- The other components present in addition to VG give greater yield to the final liquid, make the blow in the throat softer and less annoying, do not cause dryness in the mouth. The result is also appreciable by an experienced vaper.
- It does not contain propylene glycol and avoids possible side effects.
- Guarantees a more enjoyable vaping experience with a softer vapor, a more rounded taste.

BASE 1000 ML = 900 + 100ML
BASE 500ML    = 450 + 50ML
BASE 250ML    = 225 + 25ML
BASE 80ML      =   72 + 8ML
BASE 60ML      =   54 + 6ML

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