Mix Series E-Liquids

VaporArt Mix Series E-Liquid Bisbacco 40ml
BISBACCO, produced by Vaporart, is a 40ml Liquid Creamy and Tobacco Mix, flavored with: an ORGANIC TOBACCO rounded off by notes of COOKIE, VANILLA and CARAMEL.
Super Flavor Danielino77 Liquido Shot Series Prime 20 ml
Aroma Prime D77 is a Tobacco Liquid in the Decomposed Aroma 20 ml format, a surprising journey into the past, but with something new able to adapt to the vape of the moment and above all able to make you fall in love again with the # D77 Liquids. Something dry but not too much, good but not a little, round but never enough. Prime is a mix of clean tobaccos perfect for all-day vaping, a perfect combination of tobaccos between dry notes and slight sweet nuances.