List of products by brand The Vaping Gentlemen Club

Millennium RTA by The Vaping Gentlemen Club. It has a diameter of 22mm and a tank capacity of approximately 4ml, this value changes slightly based on the bell you have chosen to use. In fact, the bells supplied are 3 of different shapes and different diameters, 12, 13 and 14mm.
Eliquid France Aroma Shot series Relax 20ml
L'aroma Premium Relax è un'incredibile miscela di biscotto , vaniglia , tabacco e caffè.
The Premium Relax aroma is an amazing blend of biscuit, vanilla, tobacco and coffee.
The supplied bottle contains 20ml of aroma booster, not to be used as it is.
The Vaping Gentlemen Club Flavor Frara 11 ml
Frara is a Tobacco Aroma, which pays homage to the city of Ferrara, an Espresso Aroma created to fully enjoy the pleasure of Tobacco after Coffee. Frara is a wonderful and complex Blend of Burley Tobacco with Avanetta produced by TVGC, with Microfiltered Latakia, all completed by a drop of Organic Coffee Extract.
The Vaping Gentlemen Club Flavor Roma 11 ml
Rome is a Tobacco Aroma, an exclusive recipe from Mazzei, which pays homage to the Eternal City of Rome, with a complex, rich and full-bodied mixture, black as pitch, violent like the crimes that have pierced it for centuries, but elegant and refined at the same time. Organic and uncompromising extractions, a smoky and aromatic blend of three impetuous Tobacco, to start an intense Cypriot Latakia Tobacco, a Kentucky Camuno grown in high ground and an original Perique St. James, Roma Caput Mundi without comparison.
The Vaping Gentlemen Club Legends Flavor Turkish Sugar 10ml
Blend taken from an old American cookbook that combines red American virginia leaves, rich and ripe "Turkish" tobacco leaves (2010 cultivation), combined with Izmir leaves pressed and aged in Canadian maple juice and agricultural Ron from Martinique . The result is a fragrant blend, with a natural and intriguing sweetness.
The Vaping Gentlemen Club Legends Flavor Virginia Cream 10ml
Blend of various and rare Virginia, including: Virginia Rosso (Total Natural cultivation in 2002; origin: Torul district; wta classification: AAA +) aged in Flake; Virginia Fire Cured Armenian (Total Natural cultivation of 2013; wta classification: AAA); Virginia Rosso with cavendish style refinement (with vanilla beans) The result is a sweet mix with a soft and velvety sweetness with creamy hints.
The Vaping Gentlemen Club Flavor Echo Vanilla Cavendish 20ml
Botanical distillation of Cavendish tobacco obtained from air-cured Mexican Virginia leaves and vanilla berries. The result is a sweet, warm and enveloping liquid with notes of honey and molasses, with a strong aromatic presence of Vanilla. On exhalation it gives unexpected floral notes of chamomile and an elusive aftertaste of licorice just hinted at.
The Vaping Gentlemen Club Aroma Echo Kentucky Nostrano 20ml
Botanical distillation of Kentucky Fire Cured Tobacco of own production made in the high ground (cultivation of 2018). Robust and full-bodied this Kentucky despite being Fire Cured has an extremely light smoke also because it is made with particularly delicate Hazel wood. This allows you to better appreciate the soft and only slightly tannic woody notes and the notes of dried fruit. Only by heating it particularly do the smoky notes emerge. On exhalation it gives floral and spicy scents with notes of laurel.